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March 17, 2018     Daily Post

“The same, but cheaper”

That’s something most people want.

And the common methods of achieving this are going away:

  • Cheaper means less skill: Chunking delegated tasks to those who do one thing on repeat (human or machine) removes those who make it better. Great for being out-innovated, and decreased value creation.
  • Cheaper means less choice: Making what you and the next customer get both identical removes that which makes each special. Great for becoming a marginalized commodity.

“Winning today at the expense of tomorrow” won’t work much longer. Teams need new methods of value creation.

“Out-muscling” is the old game: “Make it cheaper then buy up all the ad slots so the competitors will drown.”

“Out-caring” is the new game: “We picked this out just for you, it’s a collaboration with your favorite designer.”

Great teams care more. Does yours?