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June 30, 2020     Daily Post

The Inner World

The Inner World

The inner world of every entrepreneur or member of an innovative team I’ve ever met is (or has been, or will be again) full of doubt and issues of some description…

It’s useful signal.

Like when your body tells you it’s too cold, or it’s hungry.

Treat it like a signal. That’s what it’s there for. It means there’s something to look at.

Take confidence issues for instance. They mean you either don’t know something you think you should, or that your perspective is blocked in some way and needs clearing up… either way, there’s something positive there for you to act upon.

It’s far better to feel those signals – and have the opportunity to act positively toward them – than to have no signal at all.

What signals do you experience in your inner-word? Are you listening to them, or pushing them down because “you’re not supposed to have them”?