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March 14, 2018     Daily Post

The third way

There are three sides to every coin.

And when it comes to decision-making on high-performance teams, there are three options available to us, every time.

The third option just takes a little more searching for. Here are some examples:

  • 1. Over-promising: Doing less than promised. 2. Under-promising: Promising less than able. 3. Showing promise: Doing more than is comfortable, causing growth.

  • 1. Burn-out: Doing more than able. 2. Burn-in: Damage caused by doing too little. 3. Feeling the burn: Doing more than is comfortable, causing growth.

The third option normally requires uncomfortable growth to bring a new, better solution into existence.

High-performing team members: be on the lookout for “the third way.”