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June 26, 2020     Daily Post

Ambiguity Anxiety

Ambiguity Anxiety

Ambiguity breeds anxiety:

For your market. If they can’t tell what you do (specifically) and for whom (specifically) then they’ll greet you with the same lukewarm response the rest of the market receives. Specificity changes that.

For your customers. If they can’t tell where you’re going (specifically) just for them (specifically) then they’ll maintain the same “one foot in, one foot out” relationship with you that you’re used to. Specificity changes that.

For your team. If they can’t tell where they should focus either under your leadership or while working alongside you, work will be turbulent and unfocused, leading to dissatisfaction and a seeming lack of purpose. Specificity changes that.

For yourself. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? If you’re trying to be “in many places at once”, what are your odds of success at achieving that goal?

Focus yourself, your peers, your team, your customers and your market. Focus.