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June 25, 2020     Daily Post

Rock One First

Rock One First

“We need more funnels and web pages and email sequences and other marketing stuff” Hold up.

Short answer: you don’t need all those things.

Long answer: you don’t need all those things right now, or possibly ever, depending on your body of work and audience you’ve elected to serve.

The temptation is to throw “more” at a marketing problem in hope it will resolve itself from brute force.

What we’re all slow to learn is this:

One audience + one message = one page.

Audience, we learn, represents something far more specific than we initially think. Psychographics and demographics aside, we need to remember their relationship and appreciation of their problem (and of you), too.

Message, we learn, represents the single most important marketing tool at your disposal. The quality of your success in your endeavor is in direct proportion to the quality (not quantity) of your communication.

Leading people where they are is a recipe for success all on its own.

Leading similar people who are in different places are all opportunities to serve that you can explore after you’ve created a real difference with the first group.

Clarity let’s you choose specificity and enables you to rock one first.

So focus on Rock One, first. Better to create transformation after transformation, rather than dabble after dabble.