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June 21, 2020     Daily Post

Qualitative Data and Instincts

Qualitative Data and Instincts

Val Geisel, an email strategist, muses on the lack of ability to track users in Basecamp’s new “HEY” email service.

“Email send –> increased sales over the next 12 hours = email contributed to revenue! Yes, we can’t track if someone opened our email 7 days later & decides to buy because of that email but… can we let that go? Can we loosen the reins on data & hold on tight to humans?”

More of the marketing community needs to embrace this ethos.

There are always ways for people to avoid being tracked. As it should be – it’s their right to not get snooped on. Just as it’s everyone’s right to disable JavaScript, or go Incognito, if they choose.

When marketing teams worry less about graphs and more on ways to lavish upon people, the world gets better.

If you give a lame gift at Christmas, you need to watch the face of the recipient to see if you “got away with it” or not.

But if you give an amazing gift, you need not look – you’ll hear the gasp. They’ll let you know it was appreciated.

Email should be this way.