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June 20, 2020     Daily Post

We’ll Eat Your Fingers Off

We’ll Eat Your Fingers Off

Nothing says “we care about you” like ill-prepared messaging.

We routinely discuss the power good communication has in our marketing messaging work.

When I stumbled upon this KFC mishap, I had to share it with you – it’s a great, stark example of this.

“Finger lickin’ good” makes sense to English speaking western markets.

But China, where the message was cheaply transcribed and not fully considered, it manifested as what effectively translates to: “We’ll eat your fingers off.”

Quite a different message.

Now, you may not be translating to another language. You may simply be trying to get one message right, in your mother tongue.

But when you consider your marketing message, you may be blind to the opportunity great messaging presents to your important work.

Could your company’s message be unknowingly eating fingers off instead of being finger lickin’ good?