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June 14, 2020     Daily Post

Learning To Learn

Learning To Learn

If your cause-driven work is to develop and thrive, we must learn how to learn:

If you’re told you’re gifted, failing could mean (to you) that your gift is fading – the mystical “gift” giveth and taketh away.

If you’re told you worked hard for a win, failing simply means more work leads to success.

If you’re told you should succeed, failure at a task can represent a failure as a person – you had the ability then somehow regressed.

If you’re told you can succeed, failure at a task represents an opportunity to try again.

One of these types of learning results in fear of progress. Comfort found in being a big fish in a small pond.

The other type of learning results in an excitement around progress. Comfort found in fresh challenges to grow in your craft.

Which sounds more like you?

Which sounds better, to you?