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June 11, 2020     Daily Post

Film the Cops (and what your business can learn from the riots)

Film the Cops (and what your business can learn from the riots)

America is on fire.

Twitter is ablaze with videos of police brutality and racial injustice.

What can we learn from this as members of cause-driven companies?

There have always been countless bully-cops, and we should have been filming them all along. They’d have been discharged many moons sooner, and we’d have felt a little safer in our homes and on our streets.

Not all cops are bad, but it only takes one event to start national protests. One video started this. One horrible act, now exposed, started a national conversation that’s been waiting to happen for years.

The police should represent “serve and protect”, not “better weapons”.

This could have been avoided if they had embraced and reflected their calling of “serve and protect” throughout the ranks, allowing no badge-wearing individual to diverge from that ideal.

Our companies have a choice to make. We too have the power to engage our market with respect, honour, and prolonged efforts to maximise service and support, just like the police should. We have the opportunity to “serve and protect” our choice of market, just like the police should. Alternatively, we can elect to mistreat those in our care by failing to deliver on our promises and permitting misconduct, just like the police have.

As we see these protests unfold, consider looking inward – how can we do better?