We have so much opportunity and potential before us. In everything we do.

Sometimes, we over-prescribe a solution, over-paint the painting, and over-write the message.

Sometimes, simpler is better.

A funnel when a phone call will do. Marketers love their ‘funnels’, complete with lengthy (arduous) follow-up email sequences and sensationalist language. Show love to the project, not the medium. If your message is right, all you may need is a phone call to get the right message to the right person.

A book when a post will do. Every idea starts tweet-sized. Some ideas served best by growing into a blog post. Others are best served by growing into a full book. Show love to the idea, not the medium, to remove dead weight when writing.

WordPress when HTML will do. Many assume even a basic website needs a full LAMP stack server with PHP, SQL and WordPress (with its many plugins) are required for even the most simple of website projects. Love the message on the page, not the tech – sometimes a simple HTML file is all that’s required.

How could you be mistakenly adding dead weight in your projects?

How could you cut it off?