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May 06, 2020     Daily Post

Write It Up For Me

Write It Up For Me

You could try to grab my attention with texts and alerts.

Or you could write it up for me properly, so I can get to it when I can.

You may be shooting “alerts” to people almost daily. Requests of people’s immediate attention in order to move things forward. “Are you there?” “What’s the latest?” This information rarely gets communicated well, and it never gets communicated in ways that transcend the alert for posterity.

You could be writing it up properly. A thoughtful email or post that addresses what you would have said if the answer to “Are you there?” was “Yes” anyway. Where whatever “the latest” is gets captured in an organised, searchable format that will serve as a valuable artefact today and in months to come.

Which sounds more conducive to effective communication (despite seeming slower)?

Which sounds more like things will get done faster (despite seeming slower)?

Next time you want to move fast, slow down.