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May 02, 2020     Daily Post

The Secret Of Local Business

The Secret Of Local Business

People like doing business locally, don’t they?

There’s still a grandfathered appreciation for the idea of working with local businesses. The thought that “if this person is local, they must be like me.”

But this is only implied.

If you’re in New York, it’s the assumption that if this person is also in New York, they must know what my world is like and what problems I have, better than someone from Munich.

This is a communication problem, not a location problem.

Through good communication – be it on a website or advertisement or simply a phone call – you can articulate, express and unpack that you understand what it’s like to be that person in New York – even if you’re based in Munich.

Soon it won’t matter where your company is based – every business has the opportunity to make explicit what was previously implicit…with good communication.