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April 30, 2020     Daily Post

When You’re Doing It Wrong

When You’re Doing It Wrong

When your website is about your widget (instead of your visitor).

When your heart is set on corporate growth (instead of personal growth).

When you’re worried about keeping up with others (instead of creating a path).

When you’re agonising over tech purchases (next year’s will always be better).

When you’re arguing on social media (instead of leading people forward).

When you’re eager for the next close (instead of the next conversation).

When you’re shipping because it’s good enough (instead of because you’re proud).

When you’re cheaping out on marketing (instead of investing in communication).

When you think you know best (instead of being OK ‘unsure’, then finding out).

When you resent overwhelm (instead of realising that’s what growth feels like).

When you avoid fear (instead of realising that’s what growth feels like, too).

We could go on and on, couldn’t we?

Here’s the one to remember:

Is my behaviour aligned with my vision?