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April 25, 2020     Daily Post

Enough COVID Talk

These are uncertain and unusual times.

We get it.

Let’s address the world being uncertain once and for all.

Note that things will go up & down. Just as they always have. We’re getting off the “11 years of prosperity” bandwagon, and should prepare our conduct for a future with both ups and downs.

Note that things require you to change the way you see your relationship with the marketplace. Your audience still has problems, doesn’t it? Until every person you’ve elected to place into your care has a perfect life, you’ve got work to do. Now more than ever, it’s about them, not your widgets.

Note that the market is becoming evermore intolerant of opportunists. We’ve heard enough “We are in uncertain times, buy a Toyota from our dealership today” commercials. We smell your lack of integrity and we don’t buy it.

Marketing – and business – is becoming increasingly focused upon those you wish to serve, and serving them well, just like our marketing communication team has been suggesting for over eight years.

Is your conduct rising to the opportunity of service for our new economy?

Note what matters for you – and that it’s unlikely what you were told should matter. And that’s OK.