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April 23, 2020     Daily Post

You’re A Writer Now

You’re A Writer Now

Most of us like to talk. Fewer of us like to write.

Few of us think we’re bad talkers. Plenty of us think we’re bad writers.

Speaking only helps those in the room. If you were late, you don’t get to hear it. If you weren’t yet around when that conversation happened, you don’t get to know what was in that conversation. It was for a moment in time or, worse, captured in an hour of meeting recording on the false assumption that anyone will want to listen to it again.

Writing helps everybody. It’s hard to be ‘late’ to reading what was written. If you weren’t around when the writing happened, it’s still there with as much thought and detail as it was the day it was written. It is for all time, those on the team today and those who won’t yet be around for years to come.

We all work remote now.

Writing has become more useful than ever.

You don’t get to be “a bad writer” anymore.