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April 10, 2020     Daily Post

I Wonder What Will Happen

I Wonder What Will Happen

A lot of wondering going on at the moment.

“I wonder what will happen to?” This I hear often. Rarely though do I hear industry professionals deciding to decide what will happen to their industry, through action. We all get to shape our body of work. Every industry has leaders. Why not you?

“I wonder if our clients will stick around?” This I hear often, too. When I hear it, I wonder if they deserve the clients they have. It suggests to me that they are not proactively looking for ways to love upon those in their care, rather, that they are merely hoping the invoices continue to be paid and subscriptions don’t get cancelled. Why not lead, rather than hope?

“I wonder when the world will go back to normal?” It won’t. There is no normal, there is only where we are and where we’re going. Neither of those options involve going ‘back’ to anywhere. Will your body of work adapt to the new normal and create transformation for those you wish to serve, or will it resent the changes we’re seeing manifest worldwide and long for the days gone by?

Let’s wonder no more.