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April 08, 2020     Daily Post

We Can’t Buy If We Don’t Know

We Can’t Buy If We Don’t Know

We’re all guilty of one of these things:

  1. Not letting people know about things we can do to help them, because we’re afraid they won’t understand why it will help them. The solution is to help them understand. Communicate clearly. Make it make sense.
  2. Not communicating with enough people we can help, because we’re afraid they’ll reject us, because it might mean we’re not worthy. The solution is the talk to more of the right people, because they won’t all say yes all of the time.
  3. Not letting people see because it’s not perfect yet, because anything less than perfect makes us feel we’re doing the world a disservice. The solution is to remember perfection doesn’t exist. The real disservice is not letting anyone know, instead deciding to keep it all to yourself. Selfish.

Which are you guilty of?