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April 02, 2020     Daily Post

It’s Simpler When You Focus On The Right Things

It’s Simpler When You Focus On The Right Things

It really is:

How many pages does your website need? As many as your visitor needs, for as many types of visitor as you need. One Audience + One Message = One Page.

How many products does your company need? As many as your team can deliver methodical, predictable, transformational results with, that solve actual problems for those you wish to serve.

What type of office hardware/software should you use? Whatever will enable you to produce the best results for those in your care. The paintbrush is bought by you on behalf of those who buy art, not for you as the artist.

What should we do about the Coronavirus in our business? Whatever will best serve those in your care and those who ought to belong in your care during these times. If their needs changed slightly, respond accordingly in their best interests.

Are you focused on the right things, or are you complicating things by focusing on the wrong things?