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March 19, 2020     Daily Post

Designing An Experience, “But How Does It Feel”?

Designing An Experience, “But How Does It Feel”?

It seems to go against all logic. And it totally does:

If you have two software products to choose from, one may be objectively cheaper than the other and meet all of your criteria… but feels inferior. Perhaps the slightly elevated experience your customers could have with the other one is worth the elevated price tag.

If you’ve considered two brands to do business with, but your subculture leans toward one more than the other because of what it stands for, that subjective cultural alignment usually outweighs objective comparison.

If you’re creating a body of work for those you wish to serve, those people are going to consider the experience you’ve prepared for them. People don’t buy with a value matrix alone, they buy with emotion. A hand-written note with your product could be the differentiator that creates a loyal customer, even when pitched against a multi-million R&D budget.

Now forget everything you know about your work. How does it feel?