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March 17, 2020     Daily Post

Overwhelm As A Superpower

Overwhelm As A Superpower

Is feeling overwhelmed good or bad?

The answer is a choice we make. “Bad” is the default choice. If you do work that matters – cause-driven work – here’s a case for how overwhelm could actually be a superpower:

It means you’re past your usual capacity. When we push our muscles, they tear, heal and become stronger as a result. Our minds are no different. Could you simply be…growing?

It means something has to change. If you’re overworking, grow by becoming more effective, not more “productive”. If you’re anxious about doing the wrong things, grow by delegating or dismissing what doesn’t matter, not by cramming more into the day.

It’s something to resent and feel bad about, or something to listen to and act upon.

Overwhelm is a useful signal, like so many others. Listen to it.