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March 13, 2020     Daily Post

Worst-Case-Scenario Tasks

Worst-Case-Scenario Tasks

Anyone who’s built a business knows how important worst-case-scenario tasks are.

We like working on best-case-scenario tasks needed to push our work forward. There’s a lot of worst-case-scenario tasks that tend to get put off until later, such as getting policies and processes in place. Because, y’know, Instagram Story Ads are perceived to be more exciting.

Then you wish you’d done the worst-case-scenario tasks too. When a project or company starts to grow, the lack of processes mean nobody really knows what they’re doing and balls start being dropped. The lack of proper policies mean that legal issues could sink your operation overnight.

If you do work that matters, you need to do both. You need great offers, great value, fair pricing and a story worth sharing. Just don’t forget to back those offers up with policy and strengthen the value with process so you can continue to tell that story for many years to come.