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March 09, 2020     Daily Post

Innovation That Kills Innovation

Innovation That Kills Innovation

Uber innovated on what it means to hire a cab.

Now an Uber driver can’t innovate at all; they drive when told, in a prescribed system, with fixed prices, at unsustainable rates.

Want to turn a ride into a unique education experience or design a counseling or admin add-on? Doesn’t matter, won’t appear in the app.

The industry didn’t innovate, and now they don’t get to.

AirBNB innovated on what it means to find and rent a holiday let.

Now holiday let’s struggle to innovate; they must list on a platform that sets the buying criteria and enforces the terms and process.

Want to add a limo ride to/from the place, or negotiate preferential rates with local restaurants? Doesn’t matter, won’t appear in the search.

Your industry is innovating too. If you’re doing work that matters, you owe it to those you can best serve to innovate while the market is receptive to it.

Don’t be like the cab companies who thought it would all be okay ‘next year’.