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March 05, 2020     Daily Post

Opportunity, Not Problems

Opportunity, Not Problems

Is your organization fully GDPR compliant?

To many, things like this sound like a nuisance.

To others, things like this are an opportunity.

Opportunity to stand out. You care enough to show others how you treat their privacy with respect, whereas others provide cryptic policy pages that make you feel like they have something to hide.

Opportunity to connect. Because you went the extra mile and showed how transparent you are, others are perhaps more likely to explore what you have to offer from a place of confidence.

Opportunity to strengthen your company. In my experience, most businesses are woefully ill-equipped to deal with anyone who may exercise their right to be forgotten. You can do better by dignifying those in your care while also protecting yourself from harm.

This all sounds like opportunity to me, rather than a problem.

Over to you: do you see opportunity, or problems?