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March 02, 2020     Daily Post

Why You’re Creating

Why You’re Creating

This is a tricky one to touch on because it can be hard enough to shake people into producing before consuming at the best of time.

But for those brave enough to create, consider this: Why are you creating that?

Is that website for the client who bought it, or for the client’s clients who will use it? Does the way that site is being made reflect that?

Is that email campaign for your company (who wants sales), or for your recipient (who wants to be helped or left alone)? Does that reflect the way that email is being made (if it’s to be made at all)?

Does profit exist to satisfy the status quo (to do what we always do), or does it exist to create change (because that’s who we believe we are)? Does the way its invested reflect the way you create with the fruits of your labor?

I applaud your bravery to create.

Now create something that matters.