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February 26, 2020     Daily Post

Price and Value

Price and Value

It’s never just about price. Or just about value.

Our Creative team’s consulting-only package (called “Execute”) works because the information is valuable and the cost drives action.

  • If the information wasn’t valuable, it wouldn’t be effective (partners would implement the wrong things).
  • If the information was free, it wouldn’t be effective (partners would feel no need to take action on what they heard).

The latest iPhone sells because the product is good at what it does and the cost ensures it’s good at what it does.

  • If it didn’t function well with accompanying social status, people would still need a phone to go with their purchase.
  • If it didn’t cost what it does, it would lose it’s social status and people would be less inclined to buy the device.

We all need to design a price for our work, even if the price of some pieces is $0. If our work matters – if we wish to create change with the fruits of our labour – we must remember: it’s never just about price. Or just about value.