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February 25, 2020     Daily Post

Nothing Worth Doing

Nothing Worth Doing

After completing the ‘big rocks’ of the day’s schedule, do you ever look at your to-do list and think to yourself…

”…Some of this stuff doesn’t seem worth doing”?

You know the tasks… …the adjusting logo size in all your documents. …the meeting that didn’t come with an agenda. …the blind calendar block of ‘email’. …the bland newsletter blast that basically nobody reads.

Some things enter our work world in the name of ‘productivity’, based on the assumption that ‘productivity’ is about filling your schedule with as much to do as possible. To maximize output, regardless of what that output actually is.

What if ‘productivity’ instead embraced the idea that, after your important work, there could be “nothing worth doing” for the rest of the day? What if ‘productivity’ permitted you to create margin for the rest of the day to plan your next piece of important work.

If you do work that matters, you need this type of ‘productivity’. ‘Productivity’ won’t mind if you make the switch.

The normal kind produces robots. This new kind enables good teams to produce great work that makes a difference.

Which would you prefer?