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February 18, 2020     Daily Post

“Don’t Worry, It Won’t Take Long”

I spotted this quote while switching internet service providers.

We’re used to making these seemingly throw-away comments while crafting customer experiences designed to delight.

Every word counts, though:

If it won’t take long, I wouldn’t be buying this. If the speed was acceptable, why would I be migrating? Would it not better empathize with an prospective customers abysmal speeds, affirming their decision to switch, instead of blasting them with ill-considered pleasantries?

This page was never about them. Remember, marketing isn’t about you, that includes loading screens. “It won’t take long” doesn’t assure a customer here as much as it panders to sign-up abandon rates. Every word and image we choose should be an act of empathy and service toward those in our care.

Don’t worry, this will take a while… but that’s okay, soon you’ll have connection speeds that would complete this form in 100th the time.

Don’t patronize and pander. Instead, be right there with those you wish to serve.