One hour isn’t a very long time.

Yet it could be so much longer if we let it.

You don’t need maniacal working hours to make a difference with your meaningful work.

Most of us don’t get one hour of productive time dedicated toward meaningful work all that often. More often, we get:

Half an hour plus distractions and switches. That’s 30mins of work wrapped in 15mins of getting in the right headspace, 15mins of distractions. It’s an hour, but not really.

Fifteen minutes on four different things. That’s a couple of things that could have done with an hour of our time on their own, reduced to a fraction of that because we wanted to “productivity hack” the day. Plus a distractions and frustrations between them. It’s an hour, but not really.

If you’re doing important work – work the world needs – let an hour be an hour by giving your work the distraction-free time it deserves. Then close the laptop.

One hour isn’t a very long time. But if you use an hour wisely, you can do so much more than you think.