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January 27, 2020     Daily Post

The System, the Focus, and the Execution

Got all three?

**When we lack the system, **we try all sorts of things, in different ways, every time. A consultant tells us of a trick that can’t lose. A blog post reveals a secret we simply must try. No system, no results. Got no system? They’re already available to you, such as the system for communicating effectively with the marketplace.

**When we lack the focus, **we have systems we don’t stick to. The consultant steals our focus with shiny toys. The blog post makes us question what we’ve created. When really all the system needed was the focus to refine it and perfect it into something transformational. Got no focus? Commit to your system.

**When we lack execution, **we focus but don’t move. We research, roadmap and strategize ourselves into a self-gratifying fog of inaction. When all the system and focus needed was the commitment to methodically, consistently, reliably moving things forward, every single day.

So. Got all three?