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January 20, 2020     Daily Post

Anything Vs Everything

You can make a huge impact on the world during the course of your lifetime.

Whether it’s a financial impact for your family, a cultural change in your community or a quality-of-life change in a nation, you have the same power to create change as anyone else.

But you can’t make every impact.

“Any impact” you want to make may be possible to you. But “Any” requires a lot of saying “No” before that potential is unlocked:

“No” to every distraction and competing ‘good idea’.

“No” to the temptation to combine that idea with other ideas, for the sake of “scale”.

“No” to the self-talk that it’s not possible for you and any of the seemingly-justified reasons for believing so.

Trying to do “everything” will leave you stuck and void of making a difference. That’s why most bitcoin traders made no money, for instance – a lot of dabblers doing a bit of “everything”.

Try your chosen “anything” and say “No” to the rest, to change the world.