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January 15, 2020     Daily Post

The Things You Don’t Need… But Do

Focus and implication are essential to success. But remember not to cheap out on those in your care:

Your mobile app doesn’t need customizable app icons for the season. Yet when Twitterrific (a great Twitter app) gives a ‘baby yoda’ option during ‘Star Wars season’, you feel how much their team cares about your experience.

Your website doesn’t need to proclaim how it deliberately doesn’t track your user behavior. Yet when Basecamp (a great project management app) makes a rally cry against tracking (with technical proof), you feel how much their team cares about your privacy.

Your marketing doesn’t need to really understand you to get passable results. Yet when BuiltForImpact (a great website system) makes a focus on powerful storytelling website to transform brands, You feel how much the team cares about helping good companies succeed.

What don’t you need… that you actually really need?