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January 01, 2020     Daily Post

Living In Their Dream

When you joined – or started – your company or campaign, who’s dream were you realizing?

For most, it’s a personal dream. The dream of serving a particular body of people in a particular way. Of making a certain kind of difference.

That’s wonderful. As long as we remember that our dreams are realized by living in the dreams of others:

Those you wish to serve have a dream. They respond and engage us when they see a way to make their dreams come true, not yours. Your body of work must fit into their narrative – their dream – if yours is to come true, too.

Those you currently serve are still dreaming. They still dream of being free from certain problems, or closer to certain ideals; it’d be juvenile for us to suppose we’ve perfected their lives with our first few engagements with them. How else could you fit into their narrative – their dream?

They haven’t stopped dreaming.

Neither should you.