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December 22, 2019     Daily Post

Customer Bandwidth

Since moving back to the UK, I’ve been fascinated with how much better the internet speeds are here relative to what people are asked to pay. Home, cell, same story.

Bandwidth of the mind: When talking to prospects, they’re often less excited about your solution than you feel. They don’t have the mental resources to dedicate to your work that you do. Much like fast internet, if we demonstrate small relatable wins that improve their lives, they’re likely to give you more mind bandwidth.

Bandwidth of time: When asking our audience to spend a lot of time with us, they’re often reluctant to do so. They want value and they often want it now. Much like fast internet, if we close the gap by making more, smaller requests on time – each creating a win – we release more time bandwidth in them.

Bandwidth of effort: When those we serve know a task will take a lot or work, they’re often less tempted to do it. Much like fast internet, when we speed up the sense of speed – by providing small, felt wins along the way – we release more effort bandwidth in them.

Leading them to answer ‘why’ themselves by breaking it up into pieces often gives them something they can engage with.

Everyone thinks they don’t have enough bandwidth. Really, they just don’t get see the reason to give it to you.