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December 21, 2019     Daily Post

Get it Said

Let’s get to the punchline: Get it said.

A client needs to close or leave? Get it said. If they need your help, why delay with timidity and uncertainty when you’re sure you can move them forward? If they’re not a fit, why entertain the conversation and waste both your time

**A team member who needs to join or leave? **Get it said. If they’re the right fit, it’s worth fighting for. If they need letting go, it’s worth sorting it out early. In any case, there’s no sense beating around the bush.

**A cause needs supporting, or changing? **Get it said. Why advocate for those you’re invested in if they no longer represent your values? Better to address early so you can move into work that matters.

Sometimes the punchline needs to come first. No need to delay.

What are you avoiding getting said, that would move your work forward were you to do so?