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December 17, 2019     Daily Post

All For Good

Part of what makes great entrepreneurs or teams (or relationships, really) is the ability to make “all for good”:

Failed? It’s either a failure to wallow in, or a learning opportunity to become stronger. Failures produce the strength and resolve necessary for real, lasting success. One cannot know success without failure.

Fired? It’s either a blow to your finances and your ego, or a learning opportunity to become stronger. It’s not a one-time thing, something built up to this. Now it has your attention. Now you can grow from it.

F’ffed up? Hey, we all do it. Sometimes bigger than others. In any case, is it a setback to be ashamed of and kick ourselves over, or a learning opportunity that can produce a future altogether more powerful than the one we’d have had were this to have never happened?

It’s a decision.