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December 16, 2019     Daily Post

Marketing & Peer Pressure

When we’re thinking about buying something, these three questions happen in our minds:

How do I feel about this?

As prospective clients, we all start here. Do I like this? Do I want this?

What will others say?

Shortly after realizing our own feelings on the matter, as social creatures, our thoughts jump to those in our circle; will they like this? What will this think about me? Is that what I want them to think?

How will I respond?

Some scenarios inspire bravery in us to act against the thoughts of those in our circle.

For the rest, we need either to be in alignment with our circle, or helped to find that bravery, otherwise we won’t move forward.

Do you and those you work with nurture and empower your prospective clients with the bravery to do what is best for them?