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December 13, 2019     Daily Post

Is the Goal the Goal?

We all set goals. Did you set the right ones?

Designing a lovely new interface: is the goal a lovely new interface – something never seen before so you can impress yourself – or is the goal to support those who will use it toward their goals?

Pursuing a fatter wallet: is the goal to have more so you can give more to businesses that sell fancier toys – an unfulfilling cycle of ‘more’ – or is the goal to have enough so you’re free to do your meaningful work?

Building a legacy: is the goal to pat yourself on the back and attempt to last forever – which won’t happen – or is it to change the culture so that your time here made a difference for the benefit of those you care about?

We all have goals. The trick is being honest enough with ourselves to know if we’ve really set the right ones.