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December 11, 2019     Daily Post

Two Years of Daily Posts

One year ago, I wrote my first daily blogging milestone.

The points I made in it are no less true, yet I’ve more to add now I’ve doubled my discipline as of today, as I acknowledge the two year mark of daily posts:

You’re still never sure: Every new day begins with a clean slate for the blog; there are no idea lists or agendas. There is only the daily discipline of showing up for those trying to make a difference in the world, serving that day with the best gift I can with the time I have.

Noticing is a muscle: Noticing things – patterns, problems, opportunities – is largely what intelligence is measured on. While the repetition of ‘brain training’ apps remain a point of debate among scientists and psychologists, I can say unequivocally that my ‘noticing’ muscle has grown 4X in the last 2 years of showing up daily for those like you.

Discipline compounds: While I still like to set a time in the day to produce these, I find I can now enter the right “state” to create at a moment’s notice. Little warm-up or mental prep is required anymore. I’ve been able to apply this discipline to other mediums, as I prepare to produce even more value daily for those like you. Stay tuned for that.

My gift to difference makers like you has become a gift to me, too.

Thank you.