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December 06, 2019     Daily Post

Your Weeks Are Slipping By

I like months. We gave them names, so each means something different to us.

January and July are very different months. As are August and December.

We have emotions attached to each different month. In December we often become more reflective about the year just passed. In January we often become excited about the year ahead.

What about W49?

Enabling “week numbers” on our devices gives names to every week of the year. Except we don’t have much attachment to “W49”. Not like we do with “April”.

If “April” slips away without any progress or momentum, we feel bad. We lose April.

If “W49” slips away without any progress or momentum, we barely think anything of it. There’s always next week.

  • W49 should mean something to us: It’s a full week in December, a quarter of that month, and one we won’t get back.
  • Attachment to weeks gives us 56 goals to pursue: Not every week needs to launch a new product or other major milestones, but every week should mark a new level of achievement and progress toward things that matter.
  • Turn on ‘week numbers’ on your devices: We only get one shot at each week, just like we do each month. Know their names.

How would our meaningful, important work if we were to treat every week with as much significance as a year? What if our personal growth, professional development and relationships each had “W49” goals as well as just “November” goals?

Your weeks are slipping by. We can’t slow time, but we can pour more significance and intention into our weeks, if we choose.