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December 03, 2019     Daily Post

Thankful For That Problem

A problem happened in your company today.

Did you say thank you?

The first thought tends to be one of frustration, anxiety, or disillusion. It could mean our day is derailed, a heavy financial blow, or worse. But these problems that crop up tend not to be as catastrophic as the first seem, most of the time. Moreover, the manifestation of a problem can teach us a lot about our work and how to make it better.

The first thought should be one of thankfulness; appreciation that an opportunity to improve our work has presented itself – a gift of personal and professional development. Each time we solve a problem, we – and our work – gets stronger. If we solve it well, we won’t see it emerge again. Without the problem, we would not have grown.

There will always be problems. Most don’t celebrate them or shout about them from the rooftops on social media, so you wouldn’t really know they were dealing with problems.

But they are.

Be thankful for yours, they are your path to progress.