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November 28, 2019     Daily Post

The Importance of a Safe Pair of Hands

Why did you buy that?

Why did you choose that particular car dealership to do business with? Was it because of the broad inventory or the fact they were the only one who didn’t lie?

Or that smartphone manufacturer? Was it because of a gimmicky feature, or that you trusted you’ll be well looked after years after your purchase?

Or that tailor for your new suit? Was it because they were cheaper, or that you trusted they’d take good care of your investment?

Or that business consulting service? Was it because of flexible pricing and fancy closing scripts, or that you felt like they were a safe pair of hands?

Being ‘a safe pair of hands’ rarely makes the list of things sales teams and businesses consider while presenting their products and services.

And yet, often, it’s the very thing we’re all looking for.