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November 26, 2019     Daily Post

Is This That Which I Feared?

A famous Stoic phrase, “Is this that which I feared?” lends itself to meaningful pursuits of important work:

Your vision isn’t as far along as you’d hoped. “is this that which I feared?” You never had it, so you never lost it. You can still have it, providing you work smart. Everyone has their own timing, their own journey; it’s what makes yours special, a story worth telling one day.

You lost everything on some bad deals. “Is this that which I feared?” You didn’t lose your will, nor your capacity nor your capability to do it again. You came into the world with nothing, you’ll take nothing with you, and you’ve every capacity to create what you decide to create.

You fudged an important sales presentation. “Is this that which I feared?” You didn’t lose your ability to improve your skills, nor your ability to have another presentation with someone else. Possibly even with the same people. None of us were born into the world with such skills.

Embracing “Is this that which I feared” reminds us that in darker moments, “Yes, this is what I had feared.” And here you are, healthy and able.

So, with less fear in your way, go. Make a difference.