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November 19, 2019     Daily Post

There Is Enough Time

“I don’t have time for that…”

Yes you do:

Sitting silently with your thoughts for five minutes, with no distractions gives a busy day room to breathe, and you – the author of the day – room to focus on what comes next. The day will rush on by if you let it, or it will work for you if you enable it to do so.

Streamlining the way you do things, removing sloppiness or needless waste gives a team room to create great work. Someone might need to be fired this month. Someone else might need promoting to new responsibilities to allow their skills to flourish. Whatever it may be, gift what you make and those you serve with the gift of doing better.

Saying no to the distraction, you know the one (it’s different for us all but we all have one!) gives your system the shock it needs to focus on the time you do have. Wasting hours on news sites or thumbing through Instagram? What if you took five of those minutes and started working on that important piece you “never have time for”?

There is enough time. It simply needs you to take charge of it.