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November 18, 2019     Daily Post

Worth Is Relative

How much is your furniture worth?

I’m about to move countries. So there’s furniture for sale. How much is it worth?

You couldn’t sell the furniture you bought yesterday for the price you bought it, because you don’t have the brand that the furniture store has. The trust and commitment is different, so you make less.

You may sell your things for less than you think they’re “worth” because you’re buying freedom to move, rather than selling a great experience. You’re still the buyer. The experience and focus is different, so you make less.

Yet you could outshine the original store by becoming a trusted, niche advisor, because you have more trust and provide a better experience than the furniture store ever could. Because that is your space now. Because you’re uniquely focused on making a great experience for a very particular body of people.

Worth is relative. It’s not about the item on offer. It’s about the relationship, the focus, and the commitment to those in your care.