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706: You’re Pushing Them Away

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Did you know you’re pushing those you wish to serve…away?

An old friend did a yard sale earlier this year.

While they were setting up their (very lovely) wares in their yard, there was a concern about whether or not the signposts should be put out on the street before or after setup was complete.

The concern was this: “If I put the signposts up now, I might start drowning in punters before I’m ready.”

So the signposts weren’t set up until much later, after many yard-salers were done with their search.

We do this in our businesses all the time.

“We don’t use SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger.” Fear of being overrun with contact? That’s unlikely to be your problem. More than likely, many in your audience are living their lives and aren’t thinking about you most of the time. But when they are, you could be there to help them.

“We won’t talk to you on that platform.” Fear of getting lost in so much communication? That’s unlikely to be your problem. More than likely, your disorganization will be revealed. You could be limiting contact with those you wish to serve because of your issues.

“We don’t like it when clients call us.” Fear of having your day derailed with calls? That’s unlikely to be your problem. More than likely, if those in your care need to talk to you, you’ve a service begging to be offered. You could be willfully ignoring product development opportunity.

Are you pushing your audience away? Why?


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