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November 16, 2019     Daily Post

Make Them

When you write a blog post and publish it, it becomes live for the whole world to see.

Surely, then, people who have the problem you’re presenting will read your post and move forward with your call to action, right?

However, the problem is this:

“People” aren’t reading it.

The moment you hit the button “Publish” is not necessarily when others need your support. Even if you were to post a tweet with a link to your new blog post, that tweet is visible for only a few minutes of a single day in one timezone and then poof, it’s gone.

Other people spend as much time trawling through week-old tweets as you do.

This means you’re putting in a significant amount of work, only for a few mere minutes of potential attention, for those who happen to follow you or be looking at that particular hashtag search…

Does this sound like an effective way of helping those you wish to serve?

People aren’t listening.

If you can save them… make them.