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November 11, 2019     Daily Post

Last Chance To Save?

You might get as many emails as I do, informing you that today is the “last chance to save!”

But how often does that make you buy? And what’s a better alternative?

We interpret “last chance to save” as a selfish offer, a marketing ploy designed to get us to part with our very hard-earned cash. It’s the year-round “Pre-Black Friday Sale” of the inbox that never truly seems to be the “last chance” at all.

There are so many selfless alternatives to choose from, that it seems lazy to lean upon saturated offers we’ve all seen before. What we haven’t gotten bored of, is genuine care.

For example, life is fleeting, time is short, and so many of us don’t appreciate what we have in the moment. There’s a lot in common between juvenile tweets agonizing over trending topics, and delaying a buying decision that will take a problem away… that you may otherwise merely hold onto to stress about for another day. Maybe it’s not the “last chance to save”, but an opportunity to “save” the time they could otherwise spend with loved ones, or furthering their pursuits.

Another example could be, walking without sight while trusting no one and nothing to help you negotiate your surroundings. There’s a lot in common between a teenager defiantly challenging their parents good judgement, and a prospect who – in their ignorance – thinks they can solve every problem perfectly. When you know very well that they can’t. Maybe it’s not the “last chance to save”, but an invitation to see the world more clearly that could save them from making costly mistakes and losing days/months/years of their lives wading through needless error.

It’s most likely not the last chance. Not today. Today, there is ample room for those with a heart to love and serve those they’ve elected to enroll into their care. We just need to do a better job of showing it.