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February 18, 2018     Daily Post

More human, Intuition

Last month we touched on 3 things robots can’t do.

Let’s touch on the first: intuition.

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence or conscious reasoning, or understanding how the knowledge was acquired.

This enables us to say:

  • “The future should look like this…” For instance, ‘no more slavery’, or ‘a phone for every human’. A vision for a destination that transcends transaction, instead focusing on an ideal.
  • Forget ‘trends’, we’re heading over here…” For instance, predicting a new market or emerging sector with little-to-no proof. The ability to zag when everyone else zigs.
  • “Forget data, this is what I think…” For instance, spotting a good hire or investment because it feels right.

Intuition behaves below consciousness, we experience it from our subconscious, away from focal awareness or critical-thought function (things AI will effectively simulate).

Aside from the eventually-autonomous parts of your work, how can you and your teammates bring more intuition to your work?