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October 22, 2019     Daily Post

What Nobody Can Take Away From You

These things can’t be taken away from you, if you remember what lies beneath:

What’s worse than losing lots of money? Losing the ability to produce it. If money is just energy, consider how we all waste energy every day. But another day comes and yet more energy to fuel it is produced. We only stop producing when we’re dead.

What’s worse than losing your campaign to create change? Losing the will to try again. Campaigns and missions are usually hard, against the odds, audacious. We can’t – and won’t – win every one. It’s the act of trying again and again that changes the culture.

What’s worse than losing those you love? Losing who you are. Whether it’s team members who move onto other things, or those in our family, you love and lavish upon people once again because that’s who you are. Unless you forget who you are and stop.

The power in a meaningful company doing work that matters is in the people’s will to sustain the pursuit of being better. Nobody can take that away from you besides you.