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679: Getting More Done Without Hacks

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Ever find yourself reading about “life hacks”?

Those moreish articles and videos that claim to help you get more done, in less time, with less effort?

I’ve only ever found one life hack worth following.

The discipline of practice:

That blog post that used to take you 4 hours to write will only take you 1, with practice. Not because you found the right ‘swipe file’ online, or ‘template hack’, or because you spent more hours reading about new organizational tools. The way to write faster is to write more often. This is post 679 of this daily post, it’s not the only content I produce, I’ve never missed a day, and it barely makes a dent in my day. Practice is what made that happen.

That sales process that used to return 10% close rate will return 80%, with practice. Not because you listened to more podcasts or read more posts. Any great sales team will tell you the magic is in the role-play, or ‘practice’ as we’re calling it here. Scripts melted into your mind, rebuttal a natural part of you, allowing your conscious to focus on engaging people with a fiduciary responsibility to listen and lead people. Practice makes that happen.

Those live talks you deliver that make you want to cancel or throw up, will become effortless, with practice. Not because you watched more TED talks or went to more events. But because you practiced your material to the point you can deliver it at a second’s notice. And because you practiced being live in front of others without a safety net.

Time spent looking for “life hacks” could have been spent doing the hard work most “life hack” websites exist to distract and excuse you from: the discipline of practice.


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My blog is dedicated to sharing ideas, insights and challenges that will help you create and sell what matters for the betterment of your cause.

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943: Better Than Passion

By exploring and refining craft, we often experience more passion for that craft as we progress. Passion isn’t the point, though: craftsmanship is the point.
Instead of “Do work you’re passionate about”, we should become advocates of “Refine your craft and try new things” – the results could be more fulfilling than you know.

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941: Avoid Opinion Neutrality

People don’t just buy your products. They buy why they exist. They buy as an expression of a shared belief.
If you’re opinion neutral, there’s no reason to buy beyond the need for an essential, marginalized commodity.
Are you opinion neutral? How can you be a little more yourself, for the benefit of your work and for those you wish to serve?

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940: They’ll Steal, That’s Fine

They’ll steal, that’s fine. I’ve had bodies of work stolen, even falsely attributed in award ceremonies – things that I made, and worked hard on – they‘ll steal, that’s fine.
In some cases, it’s indefensible; in others, our attorneys took care of it (and then some).

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939: The Disease Is The Cure

Don’t know how to make the sale? Sell more. You’ll find the pain behind the pain that needs solving, by spending more time with those you wish to serve. The disease (sales problems) is the cure (just keep selling).
What are you struggling with?

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938: Your Selfish Secret

When you’re not that great, and everyone knows it, you’re safely discarded by the market.
When you’re the best, and everyone knows it, you’re able to influence significant change.
Are you being a selfish secret? What are you going to do about it?

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